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Making a change – Feldenkrais workshop

awareness through movement · gentle · mindful

Using the Feldenkrais method, we do a “body scan” every time at the beginning of a lesson. It’s a simple exercise where you are laying on the floor and notice whatever you notice. Maybe the arch of your low back, how the body touches the floor or the difference on the right side and left side.

The Feldenkrais method is a learning method. In the lessons, the teacher won’t teach you what is correct: you are the one who needs to find out what suits you best by sensing and feeling in the most subtle way of what you can imagine.

With the “body scan”, you make the first assessment so it’s easier to notice afterwards how you’ve changed. Your brain can tell the difference and learn from it. When you clearly know the difference between two or more ways of doing a movement, you can choose the one which is best for you.

This workshop is suitable for anyone willing to improve in their way of moving or simply in life.

Starting from February 13th you can continue Feldenkrais with a series of 8 lessons. Click here for more information.

Mai is originally from Japan. She has encountered the Feldenkrais Method during her professional dance career. It was a door opening to a new way of living: “I started to sense the small difference in my body and in life.” The method taught her the power of curiosity and exploration, how you look at things. “It has been my core even when I teach or being a mother at home.”
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February 1st 2020


Saturday from 10.00 to 12.30


dojo Koraal


€ 28,00

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