Mai Tasaka

Mai Tasaka is originally from Japan. She is a certified teacher of Feldenkrais method®, Pilates Mat and Vinyasa Yoga (RYT200), based in Rotterdam.

She was always interested in body movements from a young age. She often asked herself why certain movements were possible for others, but not for her.

Because of her professional dance career, she thought she hit the top of her physical abilities. “But I wasn’t there yet, at all,” says Mai, “After I encountered the Feldenkrais method, my abilities have expanded and are still expanding.”

“Pilates and yoga are another way to connect with people. Although whatever I teach, my intention is to help and guide everyone to expand their abilities.” Mai has been teaching all sorts of physical movement classes from young to old students, “I must say I’m quite a movement nerd.”

“Looking forward meeting you in the studio!”


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